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Figure of Murata’s UJ14 Robot Girl

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18 responses to “Figure of Murata’s UJ14 Robot Girl”

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  2. tj han

    Actually Vice’s quality fluctuates like crazy. Their Lain was so rubbish even the Rubbish collectors don’t want it. I have Pinup, a previous Murata release too and this was alright.

    I’m glad you like Murata’s artstyle. He rocks! And this figure rocks too. I haven’t gotten it though, it’s in the mail.

    Your pictures are great as always. Such zennish whiteness is suitable for her. I always have difficulty finding suitable outdoor locations for techno-based figures.

  3. Tsubaki

    Omfg, I am convinced to buy this figurine. I must own at least Range-designed figure, and she’s pretty much it.

    Lovely pictures as usual, the white-ness in this picture give it the very tech space feel. Oh and the egg and (I assume is) Lulu’s legs are a nice addition.

  4. Adun

    Odd, I posted a comment on this post a few days ago….

    Anyway, very nice sculpting on the accessories and boots.

  5. tj han

    So you redid the review?

    I have Pinup, Alvis, LE Grandstream. UJ 14 should be arriving anytime now. I would love Butterfly if the girl had longer hair really. Right now, it’s the bike that’s the attraction. And the brand.

    I’mnot sure if Vice and Beagle are the same company. Somehow, sites seem to use these two names interchangeably.

  6. VManOfMana

    This figure is very high quality. Funny thing is, it was easier for me to appreciate the details of the figure with this blog’s pictorial than when it arrived (I still don’t have a figure-friendly setup so I have to see it thru the box – shame on me).

    The only complain I might have is that for the price, the figure is pretty small. The same can be said for Skipper, but at least it was two pieces.

    Compared to the other PSE figures I’d rank it pretty high:

    Ribbon Style/TT Butterfly (judging from pictures)

    I can’t say that if I like it more or less than Pinup, since each figure has its own appeal.

  7. LianYL

    The egg thing was a nice touch but still hilarious.

  8. Temugin

    I’ve collected many Range Murata’s artbooks and love his character design, but… sorry for this… I’ve found no figurine until now that have enoug resemblance with his girls for me to buy it. This one is no exception, although being very well done. His girls bodies and faces are like peaches and this one doesn’t give sensation of softness.

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