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Beat Blades Haruka Narika from Alter

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33 responses to “Beat this Blade Narika”

  1. Guy

    The more I see this figure, and I see it quite a lot right now, the more I like it :)

  2. Leonia

    You are amazing ! Narika is so beautiful in yours pictures. I’am waiting her more :P I love “the play of light” (sorry for the bad traduction) on this shooting ! Congratulation ! You are a great photograph ^^ I hope that, one day, I I could make so beautiful picture… That will be hard, I think, regrettably ^^’

  3. Hirvine

    stopped collecting figures! What were you thinking! :) Good to see Alter cut your `plans`. Would be a shame to lose your updates for now and then.
    About the figure, I like her dress, but I don’t feel well on the open underwear. Fan-serving you say? Well it just looks cold, she’s so well clothed in exception of the .. well that part.

  4. Colette

    Every time I’ve seen a photo of this figure I have regretted not preordering her, and even more so now. I’m glad to know you like her up close though. I’ll have to hope I bump into one some day :)

  5. radiant

    Man, that is a sweet figure. Like Colette says, regret not preordering her. While the style of figure isn’t my thing, that detail is so amazing…

    You heard about kotomut’s melted base?

  6. lastSKYsamurai

    It’s an awesome pose for sure. Such a great action shot. The last picture is my favorite. – Nothing but flow…..

    - Not too, fond of her lower region either. It’s hot! ,for sure. I just feel dirty looking at it. : )

    Anyway. Your Freakin’ awesome super rats. Another top notch shoot, well done!

  7. kodomut

    Thanks for the link.

    Yeah, Narika chasing the figure dry season away is so true! Love the red flowers in the background in the few of your pics. Seems like you have flowers of every single color at your disposal ^^

  8. Belela-san

    Nice job with the pictures, you managed to pick up the figures essence. Tell me is there a particular reason why you practically upload your pictures as png instead of jpeg?!

  9. ELTboy

    These are really pretty photos of a pretty figure. Narika is very photogenic in my opinion. The colors on her are wonderfully done by Alter too.

  10. James

    Already got her ? Cd Japan are so slow o send figures sometimes :’(

    Awesome pics like always , now i can’t wait to get her ^^

  11. Anjerasu

    The coloring on your shots look really hot! (as hot red). Poor Kodomut, guess a customize base is needed -_-

    Great job dude!

  12. YuKi-To

    July and August is so hot that Kodomut’s narika base melted :P
    summer heat = Alter Yoko + Narika hotness

  13. hikky

    Great pics, Master of figure-photography!
    Her white base blends in quite well with the backround and isn’t that noticable as usual, nice.

  14. Brian

    Awesome pics. Congratulations n___n

  15. Narika 1/8 ~Beat Blades Haruka~ (Alter) review | Exelica Meteor

    [...] That’s all for today , hope you liked the pics . And don’t forget to check Super Rats awesome pics of Narika here [...]

  16. More Cheap Lighting

    [...] in an otherwise dark and shadowy set, they’re good enough, as I found while using them in the Narika shoot. They also make great fill in lights. For the Narika shoot I used it a lot as a narrow fill [...]

  17. valho

    great pics of Narika, I quite like her costume with the mecha like look

  18. Blowfish

    Ergoge Battle Outfits are the best!
    No seriously…You usually can feel the attention of detail the designers gave to a certain eroge character compared to an anime character.Eroges live and fall with the character designs after all.

    Gorgeous figure!

  19. Tommy

    Lovely photos again. I love the photos near the end where the deep shadows highlights her curves and details. I’m quite sad that I dropped her pre-order.

  20. Denkeeper

    Great tip I am definitely going to pick up a set of these lights. Has anyone here tried Zenfolio.com to store images. I just started using them and ordered some prints through my Zenfolio account from MPix and they come out great. The nice thing is that Zenfolio allows you to upload tifs. I use flickr as my repository for my blog, sometimes I pump up my saturation just a little bit because when jpgs shrink they seem to get darker.

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