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What a Long Skirt, Akiha Shishido

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17 responses to “What a Long Skirt, Akiha Shishido”

  1. Snark

    Wow. This is the first time I’ve realized exactly how sexualized Akiha’s design was O.o

    1. Guy

      Yeah. I’ve never seen her from behind before! With the panty-shot!

      I’ve liked this figure since I’ve first seen it.

  2. YuKi-To

    yep, she isn’t a popular figure… I guess I’m satisfied with just seeing her pics ^^

    awesome pics, love those with the special backgrounds :3

  3. Tier

    I was all set to pick up Akiha last month, and then I finished watching Sora Kake Girl and changed my mind. Still, I hope GSC chucks out an Itsuki figure, although with Sora Kake Girl done and seemingly forgotten, I’m not holding my breath.

    I have the same problem with figure sales. There’s often nothing I want and when there is, it’s usually something that I’m not enthusiastic enough about to pay ten bucks or more for the cost of shipping.

  4. radiant

    Nice shots, as always HS. She’s got a fine booty!

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  6. Vixion

    nice one as usual

    love the panty shot, and the one with something at her back? what is that anyway lol

  7. Miette-chan

    The pose still scares me, but I shouldn’t we worried too much being a Good Smile release. I sure hope she shows up on the bargain bin would love to get my hands on her at a lower price since Alter’s end of year releases, and figmas pretty much got me strapped for cash.

  8. Aka

    Cute character. I’d seen the figure around but never really felt the urge to purchase. I suspect if she were to show up for a good price in the bargin bin I might buy, but meh.

    A nice bottom and a short skirt, can never argue with that combination.


  9. Persocom

    I really like the 5th picture, but they’re all nice ^^ I would have gotten her but she wasn’t high priority. If they make a Honoka figure I’ll be getting that, and maybe if this actually does end up in the bargain bin I’ll pick her up too. She’s not a bad figure at all, and this is the first I’ve seen a review of her.

  10. James

    I had to cancel her , lack of money but now i regret , she looks so cute !

    And i love her pose !

    Pic number 5 is one of your best , my opinion :)

    Nice work ;)

  11. Meimi132

    I liked the series she’s from to start with, but got distracted by other things. Love the shimapan. Heck, I’d buy her for that alone.

  12. Blowfish

    I absolutely love the 4th picture.What did you use there in the background?
    Havent seen the series,so she isnt really a high prority for me

  13. Tommy

    Lovely figure, she looks so energetic. I love how you used the bristels(?) to achieve the lighting effect in the second photo (and some other photos with the darker background).

  14. Optic

    I think getting the nendoroid of her little friend was a bad choice as the urge in getting her grows everyday. ><
    It also doesn’t help when she’s on sale at cdjapan. ><

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