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Drossel: Hey, You Okay?

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21 responses to “Drossel: Hey, You Okay?”

  1. Belela-san

    Always wanted to get Drossel and still don’t have her. She would make an excellent adopted mascot for my blog and for so many things I have in mind for an action figure like her.

  2. bigearl

    Seeing your Drossel and other images I’ve seen on line really makes me want one!

  3. Aka

    I just received my Drossel yesterday. First figma I’ve ever had, they’re incredibly poseable. It’s really surprising.

    And you’re right, she is very expressive indeed. I’m happy that I got her.


  4. Panther

    I am damn tempted to get one now after seeing her poses in another blog and also how she is not really an anime character for a Figma. Perfect for an action figure for the likes of me who prefers scaled ladies.

  5. Persocom

    Drossel really is a great figure, I regret having canceled my order. Haruhi looks like she’s upset about Endless Eight.

  6. Optic

    Is there LED lights in the figma version?
    I read a lot of good feedback so far and the temptation is kinda getting to me. lol

  7. xine

    Drossel is fantastic and she really looks good in every angle. Cool picture! Love the pose and the colors! ^^

  8. Leonia

    I don’t know why, but Drossel is the only figma who interests me. Normally, I don’t like articulations, but I admit that I find him really funny. I think that the character adapts himself well to the format figma. For the moment, I still hesitate between Figma and Nendoroid ^^ “

    1. Aka

      Drossel’s a female robot.

      I too don’t like figmas much, but Drossel works so well I think because even her anime self looks the same. In fact, I think the Drossel figma is perhaps the most exact copy of a character I’ve ever seen. Though this could be in part due to her lack of real face, and thus the hardest part to get right is removed from the equation.

  9. phossil

    I like Drossel as well too!!
    Its a good Robot girlie design!

  10. Blowfish

    I didnt expect Drossel to be such a huge hit among fellow Otakus.
    Do you have any Idea why her name is German?

  11. thaiinaa ...


  12. Lulu

    wow i love drossel, She’s so cute, i want one now.

  13. RyoBase

    Haruhi would probably say: “Oh sh*t! you’re a robot? Are you from StargummieKyon planet?”

    Drossel: “Urrr….”

    Haruhi:” okay, good. Let’s be friend from now on and do lots of punny stuff”

  14. radiant

    I find it interesting that the most expressive figma in existence is a robot.

    It’s sort of the uncanny valley deal. Most human figmas pose awkward, still not human enough. And it’s made worse when people don’t know how to pose a human for balance and stuff.

    Drossel being a robot makes it easier to forgive, and any sort of expressive pose is enhanced simply because she’s a robot. She’s got nice balance because of her large thighs and calves, and black revealed joints, allowing for more “forgiveness” of unnatural posing.

  15. Len-Vesper

    Hee, the dromel is cute for sure. It’s funny how something that is vaguely humanoid can be made to express emotions with certainty better than an actual face. I guess it’s the fact that the most basic expressions are distilled to the four basic types.

    It’s a cute picture to see it all schoolgirl like next to Haruhi. It’s a MOE LOLI ROBOT omg.

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