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Otakon 2009: Panels, Loot, Wrap

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16 responses to “Otakon 2009: Panels, Loot, Wrap”

  1. Os

    Ahhh, you dont understand how disappointed I felt when moy told me last year I barely missed you. It was good to finally meet ya, though. You probably dont remember me, but I tried REALLY hard to get to you to link me years ago when I was writing for Kono Sono and Karoshi, if any of those blog titles ring a bell.

  2. james

    nice lucky star pins

  3. YuKi-To

    oh, u got ur figmas! cool! ^^

  4. kodomut

    Awesome gets!

    Especially love the Mononoke Hime pin of the Kodama. Would snag one if I had the chance ^^

  5. Roy

    Great coverage! and Awesome loot their, Drossel pwns xD amazing job getting all those pins, I like the konata pin for some reason=3

  6. lastSKYsamurai

    Nice write-up. It would have been cool to go, but of-cause I am where I am & can’t do much about that. I’m sure one day I’ll get to one though.

    Well, that Dub Workshop sounds neat, & would have been fantastic to pull some lines from Gurren Lagaan, as-of which I have just got the Vol 1. DVD a couple of night ago. – Fantastic BTW. Also the AWO panel would have been kick-ass to go too. Ugh, wish I could have been there…….

    Not that I know too much about it, but I still don’t like how Crunchyroll has catapulted itself as the, “Go to” spot for viewing anime online. I just never thought that something that virtually cheated the industry of profit, could then stick a feather in its cap & eventually “mask” itself as something “good” & effectively gained favor by the same people who originally tried to get rid of it, because of how it was so obviously cheating them.

    From my point of view, I’ve thought the Industry sloppy; that when It came down to crunch time, (“obviously” no pun intended) that instead of looking back at it’s miss fortunes, in regards to the internet being a big golden juicy key for Torrents & unlawful streaming of Anime & the like, that it eventually crumbled (if ever slightly) to the hands of Crunchyroll.
    - & sure “now” it seems CR are beginning to wash its hands of its illicit beginnings, but Companies like GONZO should not have sided with them when things got tough. Getting to the point. I feel pretty angered that the Industry, as a collective whole, could not join forces to create their own service to distribute & provide Anime online for the willing masses, in much the same way that iTunes & the like, a.k.a STEAM do for Music & games. Sure studios like FUNimation have that now, but it’s way too little, way too late……

    I say get your asses together, start “your own” “STEAM” for Anime & Manga, & boycott the heck out of Crunchyroll. Until it’s dead & gone. It’s like having a “middle-man” between the middle-man. The wrong shouldn’t be rewarded. – I guess I’m a bit off-topic. :(

    Anyway, I dig that coffee mug you got. I noticed there are a couple of BRS notepads out there too. were there any available that you saw? I’m keen now to go find one for sure.

  7. alice tanker

    i love Genshiken to, but my favorite character was Chika.

  8. bigearl

    Great write up, kind of lets me relive the fun :) ! I just went for big ticket items (figures, art books) that kind of made me double me dealers room budget. Oh well, I loves my sand coffin <3!

  9. Optic

    So u did find the Jigoku Shoujo Illustrations book this year. Nice. Very nice. ^^
    I find Bandai Entertainment licensing Kannagi was the highlight from their panel. As one of the most enjoyable shows I really want to enjoy it again on the big screen in DVD format.

  10. Blowfish

    Dang! Im so envious of your SchoolRumble Pins!

    I totally agree that you cant determine wich Buttons are original and wich are selfmade but my humble guess is that most of them arent legitimate.They are just way too easy too make with very little effort.

    I demand a new picture of your armoured bag now!

  11. Veers

    Nice SE artbook and BRS mug :D

    Soul Eater is a really fun series, I think you’d enjoy it. The art stlye really is cool and BONES did a great job bringing the manga’s action and creep factor to life.

    I didn’t make it there this year (my track record has been go-to-a-con-every-other-year), but provided some of my friends can make it in ’10, I’ll probably be there. Have to try and bump into each other if I make it.

  12. radiant

    Man that’s sweet swag! I want your Black Rock Shooter mug! Where to buy?!

    You know, what you describe sounds a bit like e3 and GDC. The ‘panels’ seem like one big infomercial. I like Q&A panels which is more like GDC in that regards. Skip the gong-shows next time if you know it’s predictable, and jump straight to the panels where you can learn stuff! :D

  13. Joe Jacobs

    I want that Soul Eater art book! MAKA!

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