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Day Zero Can’t Sleep

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15 responses to “Day Zero Can’t Sleep”

  1. tjhan

    Nice, are you like really famous there? Do people recognise you?

  2. YuKi-To

    yea me too, can never sleep properly before a trip ^^
    too excited! and that k-on pic is lovely :3

  3. moyism

    You’re famous to me AND I remember what you look like!

  4. lolikitsune

    Wish I could be there, I missed you last year.

  5. 7

    hopefully bump into some of the people I met at AnimeNEXT

    I would love to go but Otakon is too far for me :(

  6. lastSKYsamurai

    Did you take any pic’s of the Con? I’d like to see something other then Cosplay, but that’s just personal preference…..

    What happened!?

  7. lastSKYsamurai

    BTW, super rats. That’s the most amazing K-on! wallpaper I have ever seen….. Ever!

    Just look at Yui!, Awh! I want to poke her. : )

  8. phossil

    Cant sleep before an important trip? I thnk its natural. You are excited and wtih tons of enthusiasm!! ^^

  9. Orthrus

    You went to Otakon also? Nice. I could only make it to Saturday, unfortunately missing Kikuko Inoue who voiced Aina (08th MS Team) and Sanae (Clannad)…two of which are my favorite in terms of voicing. I tried to make it to Mary’s autograph signing but they started and closed it early, another misfortune since I was hoping to get her to sign my Code Geass DVD since she voiced Cornelia. Also missed the AMV screenings because it was full-capacity and Staff weren’t letting anyone in despite people leaving. Eva 1.0 screening also had major technical difficulty issues – though watching the laser pointer war while Staff was fixing the problems was fun. I ended up leaving for the DR then came back basically where I had left off as they started it from the beginning again.

    The only guest on my list that I got to see and have sign some stuff was Yamamoto. I brought one of my Lucky Star DVDs to get signed, making sure it was the episodes that he directed.

    Didn’t buy any figures, only art books. I’m moving off the figure scene as I was more of an art book aficionado.

  10. Yuki Ijuin

    Whoah, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. Wish I could meet her, I love the way she sings in the Silent Hill tracks.

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