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Yoko Figure

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24 responses to “Wait For It, Yoko”

  1. ron~

    nice photos, definitely better than the real figurine :D

    I decided to pass on this Yoko tho, since I don’t really like her face in this one.. and also her body shape is kinda too long =\

    I’m thinking of grabbing the GIFT version, since I canceled mine to get the resin yoko, but I saw the GIFT version at my friend place, definitely one of the nicest yoko pvc

  2. YuKi-To

    Though she isn’t the best looking yoko, I think she’s the best figure that captures yoko’s playful personality.
    I ordered her too, but it’s taking ages for my local shop’s stock to arrive, I wonder why ^^;

  3. Roy

    Lovely photos, but I got to admit her face is a bit off but I like her joyful personality represented. The fact that you can change faces and little accessories is a plus though, overall a nice looking Yoko :D

  4. Sarith

    I love the lighting in the white background ones – so clean and pretty. And I dunno, I actually like her face, it’s cute and happy.

  5. Dancing Queen

    she really does look awesome, can’t wait till i get her myself as well

  6. Optic

    I’m crossing my fingers she will be available in one of the booth at the next convention in just under a months time. It’s so hard to restrain myself when she is still freely available at nearly all popular online retailers.

    She is the only Yoko I really like and it’s logic she is the only one I want.
    Lovely shoot as always.

  7. Leonia

    This Yoko adaptation is cute. I prefer Gift version, but this one is great. And your picture too !

  8. Asian Ed

    I’m still waiting for mine to show up. This will be my second Yoko figure (first being a Nendoroid) and I’m really curious to see the stand for myself. Of all things, this is the first time the stand has been the primary reason I wanted a figure. The production shots looked nice, but I *really* wanted the clearish stand. That and I wanted to pose other figures with the gun…

  9. shino

    Not too big of a Yoko fan (nor Gurren Lagann in general I guess) so I guess I managed to escape the onslaught of merchandise they have out there ^^;

    From what it looks, the boot lying on the floor looks really nicely done though. And movable parts are definitely a sweet touch, though I have to admit that they enthrall me for that first 5 mins, and then they’re forgotten just about for good :p

  10. bigearl

    Manimal hater :P !

    I wish they (figure makers) focused on other characters in GL, 90+% of the GL figures are Yoko, not fair :( . This figure is alright, but I think her face looks goofy, prefer the wink as it doesn’t look as goofy. I also don’t like what she is sitting on. I don’t remember anything like that in the show, and it just kind of looks weird to me… boota is cute, though you know he doesn’t want to be sitting on her knee :P

  11. Asian Ed

    I just got mine in today, I noticed that all of the ones I’ve seen (yours and Danny’s) have a small blemish in the left side. I’m guessing that’s not just a one-off manufacturing error…?

  12. meronpan

    the holes in her tights were what turned me off originally but not that you mention it, the face also doesn’t quite click. wouldn’t mind having her in my collection though :P i’ve also got the alter bounty hunter version on order though and enterbrain’s release in hand so that’s enough yoko for me (i think) ^^;

    i should try again but i think the web filter at my work has your site flagged as porn or something completely off base -_- and unfortunately that’s when i do most of my blog reading (^^;;). gah. anyhow, love the pics as always ^^

  13. Going to far? NAH! Another Yoko!

    [...] Yomako Sensei. There are also some Amazing figures that are out that I have yet to get like the Kotobukiya Yoko you can see from Happy Soda or the yet to be released Bounty Hunter Yoko from Alter, She’ll [...]

  14. Blowfish

    So youve finally fallen for Yoko eh?
    I never planned to get more than one Yoko but now I own 1 Yoko Revoltech,Movics Yoko,Gifts Yoko is on the plane right now and Alters Yoko is on PreOrder. Dont ask me how this happened ^^;;

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