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Saber in a White Bikini from Alter

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34 responses to “Saber in a White Bikini from Alter”

  1. Tsubaki

    Holy fuck. The body is hot.

    And lol, you bought all 3 FSN swimsuit girls? Will you be getting Rider’s Swimsuit version?

  2. Adun

    Nice, you make the skin look so real in these photos.

  3. Kurogane

    Must… seriously…. resist…. the… urge… to… buy…. orz…

  4. hub_00

    Man, looking at your pictures its hard to tell that it’s made out of PVC. @_@ The shadowing on the scuplt is awesome, and I really love how well defined the back is. Btw, what kind of material did you use for the polka-dot background? Wrapping paper? Just looking at these pics gets “Shangrila” from Chatmonchy playing in my head…

  5. Danny Choo

    Fantastic pics as usual, will upload my gallery soon ;-)

  6. sentinel011

    fantastic photos as always. how many backlog figures do you have left to photograph? (not counting those that you’re intending to get)

  7. tj han

    Woah this is very nice. This Saber actually looks the best out of all the versions, edging out ebcraft’s Full Armour version. I like how you managed to combine all three in the series for a diorama.

  8. LianYL


    Refer to this link: http://www.avg-hotgame.net/blogview.asp?logID=193

  9. naga_jahat

    why!! why?! its too hard to get it in Malaysia!! argh~!!


    [...] But after taking her out of the box, she’s pretty much worth it. Not as hot as Alter’s 1/6 Bikini Saber, but still hot. Plus she’s a limited edition figure, so it’s win. [...]

  11. JB

    Wow… great shoot. Didn’t think this figure could look so good.

  12. Anonymous

    Saber in a White Bikini from Alter…

    super rats’ excellent photo review of Alter’s recent swimsuit Saber figurine from Fate/Stay Night….

  13. ikimashou.net - we do otaku » Weekend Rollup - December 2-3

    [...] Also HappySoda did a nice review of the new 1/6 Saber that I also picked up. You guys should buy one too. Haha. [...]

  14. byaku-chan

    I adore your pictures and always look forward to new reviews – your lovely shots are regularly used as desktop walls ^^ Enjoyed the bright, holiday feel of this shoot, will probably end up getting this Saber after seeing the wonderful sculpt.

  15. Figurine: 1/6 Saber Swimsuit | TedFox Anime Reviews

    [...] I usually don’t comment on the figurines, but I really like saber’s character design. When i saw the photos on happy soda,  I thought that I’ve really got to get it. And I am quite happy with it. (I’ve really got to improve my photo taking… haha. Happy soda seems to be taking photos of a totally different figurine lol) [...]

  16. HappySoda · The Cute Face of Death, Nagi from Alter

    [...] The cleanliness of the paint and plastic artifacts is definitely up there. Maybe not quite on the same level as Swimsuit Saber in silky smoothness, but she looks just as fantastic in my regulation Ikea Detolf glass case. I’m really digging the shine of her leggings. [...]

  17. Otaku @ melbIndo · 1st HLJ and JList parcels has arrived!

    [...] HLJ box contained 1/6 GSC Saber Holiday Dress version and Saber keychain (which I attached to my car/flat keys ). The HLJ parcel costed me total of around A$91 (8127 yen), 16 days SAL shipping (27 days total if I count from the very 1st day I click process order). JList box contained 1/6 Alter Saber white bikini. Which took me like more than 2 weeks just to find one (with japanese price and not located in US). Before I ordered from JList, I’ve ordered this one from Angolz for total A$90; But 8 days after they received my payment they sent me an email saying that the item was unavailable anywhere (was in-stock when i ordered, but after I ordered it became out of stock), I lost A$6 in the process of refund…; All and all i’m very glad that the figurine I received is original Alter figure (good quality, at least about the same with the one in HappySoda review), with Type-Moon sticker on it this one costed me total around A$70, 13 days SAL shipping (16 days total if I count from checkout/payment day) [...]

  18. meridia

    meridia order…

    guucut iciyokun…

  19. Btf16

    I went and got the same one after seeing it here and i dont know if you have a problem with it but mine keeps on slowly leaning forward till she falls of my desk, had to re-glue her ribions more then ones. The right leg seams to be badly alinged. Any problems on your end?

  20. Btf16

    the ribbons falling off are due to her falling from the top of my desk to the ground

  21. OiD

    well, you convinced me to get a saber bikini, wow is it big. Had the figure for only a week and the peg in her right foot has snapped, guess i shouldn’t of tried what dannychoo did… Well, Melissa isn’t exactly light…
    I now have an urge to buy Rin, Sakura, Rider and Illya.

    I think Sabers holding up with a dab of plastic glue, if she comes lose I’ll just drill the peg out and replace it :(

  22. ssss

    When you think about it, even though it looks strikingly realistic, the figure is in no way realistic or proportional. If only somebody actually made a figure actually shaped like a real woman. Wow.

  23. Belela-san

    @ssss: That would be Shunya no doubt about that, his figures are the ones that resemble most like a real woman.

  24. Saber, I want. « krapman’s blog

    [...] to Dannychoo.com and Happysoda.com for those [...]

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  26. Saber Swimsuit Figure « 森森

    [...] Happy Soda Review/Pictures Danny Choo Review/Pictures [...]

  27. Greorgy

    She’s breathtaking!

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