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Shangri-la, Kuniko Isn’t Funny

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5 responses to “Kuniko Isn’t Funny”

  1. npal

    I actually enjoy most of the humor in this series. I mean, I was watching each ep waiting to see some weird remark. It didn’t feel like the jokes were crudely inserted to places they shouldn’t be, ie when Kuniko returns to the jail to save the girls, they didn’t put any jokes and stuff in there. I mean, they generally are successful with putting jokes where they’re supposed to, e.g. Momoko may be a prisoner but we all know Momoko is Momoko so she’d pull all that stuff even in that crappy position.

    About Kuniko, everyone seems to love Kuniko, even if people might have been a bit split regarding Metal Age. That, and that grandma seems to have some sort of mysterious aura of “don’t question my will”. It probably has something to do with the whole underlying supernatural element. In the end, Kuniko is still Kuniko. She’ll draw crayon plans and then totally kick Atlas’ ass, cause she’s Kuniko. People possibly know that she may seem carefree and all that, but when she has to deliver, she delivers awesomeness :p

  2. Shounen A

    Nagiko used to be a magical girl, so maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise she’s so well respected. :P Seriously, I suspect heightened charisma to be one of Kuniko’s superpowers.

  3. Ichigo Kurosaki

    Same here, I enjoyed Shangri-La alot…but the biggest letdown for me personally was probably the fact that it seemed kind of dead and dry at times with its creativity. Kuniko is my favorite character. So much so, i fell in love with her oversized and heavy boomerang and spunky attitude. Especially when it came to the whole daedalus incident.

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