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Haruhi Suzumiya Gekisou Figure

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25 responses to “Haruhi Lands Twin Reverb”

  1. Belela-san

    Kinda exaggerated a bit in there though on that last picture. Overall, the picture is good and looks good but I think the Nagato one is the best of all three.

  2. omo

    You know someone’s gonna ask–where did you get the amp from?

  3. Keonyn

    Nice figure, I like the guitar detail. I would like it more if I wasn’t completely and entirely sick to death of Haruhi at this point though.

  4. shino

    Have this figure too, but she somehow doesn’t get me as excited as much as Yuki did. Like Keonyn, I must say the Haruhi phenomenon has pretty much worn me down. Only did get Haruhi and Yuki due to the guitar fan service in the end pretty much =) (Yuki coming with a foot pedal is another bonus for me ^^) But I definitely prefer the SG that Yuki wields over Haruhi though.

  5. radiant

    Where did you get the amp?! That looks so perfect! I want a mini-amp with my Haruhi now too! I have had, for the record, 3 Haruhi figures with guitars. Sold one (did a figure photoshop of her before I did), have this one, and the one where she’s on top of a musical note.

    I agree with you on the other two Extravaganza figures. Passed on them too for the same reasons, and to have a little bit of restraint. :)

  6. YuKi-To

    Amp is a nice addition!
    Mikuru’s leg isn’t dislocated, try that pose urself, it’s possible! =P
    It’s kinda like a ballet twist :3

    My review: http://panther.clanbluepanthers.org/2009/04/27/haruhi-gekisou-version/

    the 3 girls: http://panther.clanbluepanthers.org/2009/06/09/sos-no-gekisou/

  7. ron~

    woah i thought the amplifier was included lol :)

    yeah the last image is too red for my taste, but it’s not bad at all :D

    Same like shino, I somehow got tired of Haruhi, I skipped all gekisou figurines =\ (the other reason is because of stupid Australia $ at that time -_-)

  8. ELTboy

    I have got all three of the Gekisou girls and am along with you that Haruhi is the best of the bunch. My first reaction with Mikuru is that she looks so pretty while surprising Yuki didn’t strike me as much.

    I totally seconded the idea of Max Factory doing the K-ON girls at 1/8 scale and am looking forward to the day when I can have a K-ON x Haruhi live band … all 8 of them. Somehow, I feel it will come true. ^^”

  9. Roy

    Nice, it’s good to have a Marshall fan ^^ I’m playing with one right now xD cool little prop too
    The shots look great, really showing to the details but not overkill with many pictures,sweet,short, and to the point :) I like this Haruhi and it’s probably the best out their but I still prefer Gek. Yuki ^^

  10. 涼宮ハルヒ 激奏ver ~ Suzumiya Haruhi Gekisou Version « WAWAWA 忘れ物

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  11. Rakuen

    Nice Mugi crossover there, man. Great detail on the guitar, which is kinda sweet. If only I could get my hands on one of those.

  12. lastSKYsamurai

    Have to get…… Drools…..

  13. Optic

    I was so tempted to complete the Gekisou set when I saw Mikuru and Yuki at supanova last weekend. When ur at a convention, it’s so easy to get tempted when u can actually see both figures in front of u and they are in hands reach. >_<

    I kinda wish she did come with a real amp. It will make the setting more concert like. ^^

    Looks like u missed mine.

  14. Rin

    Lovely shoot like always!!!
    I always envy on how you do your shoots!!!! They always look so nice!!!

  15. Persocom

    Great pictures ^^ I really like how you added the amp in there, makes it look much more realistic

  16. RyoBase

    I love the guitar’s details, that’s all I’ve got to say. Oh! And nice amp.

  17. T.I.P.

    Reading more and more reviews makes me regret not getting this. “orz

    I was wondering how you get the background so bright and white? What material/light setup do you use for it?

  18. mukyaa~ » Extravaganza

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