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Shigurui: Death Frenzy

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27 responses to “Shigurui: Death Frenzy”

  1. bigearl

    You mean Samurai stand on their desks and say, “O captain, my captain”? LOL… hehe, sorry :P

    I was going to watch this, but the descriptions sounded way too graphic for my liking. Is it more graphic than Afro Samurai?

  2. bigearl

    I haven’t seen the second Afro yet either, but the first was pushing the threshold for what I consider watchable in the bloodshed margin. So I guess this is a pass. Though, I really dig Samurai stuff.

  3. ghostlightning

    A lot of interesting points here. You mentioned the lack of heroes…

    Well, in the strictest moral sense there may not be. However, in the sense of loyalty to one’s lord or clan, there is plenty. This only gives Fujiiki moral high ground over his rival Seigen. However I can argue while Seigen is corrupted by lust for power, revenge, and sex — his resilience and refusal to back down is heroic (especially if you consider the punishments given him as excessive).

    The manga does not only continue the narrative, but also adds much welcome nuance to the characters. It would also explain why Fuujiki has one arm, and how Irako Seigen has a grotesque foot that holds his swordpoint. I recommend it (which would show the mangaka’s fetish for anatomy that the anime impressively suppressed — yes, it’s suppressed at this level).

  4. thotian

    The main thing for me in Shigurui is the atmosphere. Sometimes, it’s oppressive, sometimes it sounds more meditative.
    The violent point did not disturb me at all. Well, using a katana is not like playing with a simple stick! The bloody scenes seemed to me natural since it is inherent to the fights with katana.

  5. mohawkmullet23

    i just wanted to note that this was an interesting film and rather puzzling one, i just want to know how fujiki was left with one arm, and who won the battle at castle sunpu. i still think Sword of the Stranger was better IMO

  6. shane

    To anybody who likes this piece of shit. You have to have the lowest standards for animation. Isn’t animation supposed to be OH I DUNNO, ANIMATED. Animated this piece of shit wannabe cartoon isn’t. It shouldn’t be classified as animation. Call it a collection of still screens, with a camera rolling over them.

    I know. This piece of shit is the art of animating without animating. I am glad i only wasted not even 10 minutes of my time on this shit.

  7. Rocky

    Well I bought this cause it seemed interesting from the art. I love the swordplay and the look. It didn’t always feel like an animation and sometimes that’s a good thing. Starts slow but really builds, and right when it becomes very engaging… it just stops. It’s a shame to create art like this and have no resolution. I really hope they continue the rest of this story. I want to hear the creators version of the rest of this and not my speculation.

  8. Mr merv

    I though that this was compelling and different from the nomal anime cartoons.For me its a classic, and will be gutted if there is not a second series.If you want to watch something more action packed and not so violent,maybe you should stick with lazytown.

  9. Anonimus

    This is THE BEST, PERIOD! The hidden stuff and the characters…just blows you away. I don’t think i’ll EVER see something that will top this. this is like moving poetry. this is art.

  10. z0mbi3

    i agree with anonymous, truly epic series,very artistic,and more realistic
    the review given here is total garbage and unjust, purely written by a commercial tool, best points of impact being samurai champloo and afro samurai,which ill admit i enjoyed, but this series sets a standard of true art and realism, srry it dosnt have a happy ending nor driven by fake love,which is more appreciated then scorned,given both of those points r way to over played to begin with.
    so yes this series rocks,if u have taste u will enjoy it

  11. anonymus

    I really enjoy this series. I think is one of the best so far I’ve wath. Yes, is really graphic some times with the sexual contence, but the hole point of this anime is to give a differnt look on the samuray’s nature, so differnt from the one we are use to seeing in regular animme. It is meant to be more realistic. In real life people, whether good or bad, connot be whithe or completly black. There are no unstain heroes. Now about the ending, I think that was the point the animator wanted to make. just like the lord that summen two samurays to battle with real swords, we want to wach more blood. Most complains are about the blood and the sexual images, but( I think ) that was part the samuray’s way of life. And like I said before, this animme is trying to portray a more realistic view. This is only my opinion. I am not an expert in animme and most of the animme I watch is like spireted away and princess mononoke. I have watch ninja scrolls,vasilick(which is simmilar to the ninja scrolls) and sword of the srenger.

  12. milleniumscar

    Great review, super rats! It helped make up my mind about this anime. I HATE this anime! While it absolutely is a masterpiece of tension, setting (especially as a period piece), and composition, the anime itself is the epitome of aestheticized violence; it is fascist art. I appreciate that it kills ANY romantic notions about samurai (for both people who fetishize Japanese culture and ultra-conservatives/ ultra-nationalists who long for the class-based society that was usurped by THIS class-based society) , and I even appreciate the heavy pessimism. However, the difference between this and say Kurasawa’s social critiques (7 samurai, red beard, etc.) is that Kurasawa pointed toward something better–be it in a short-lived act of solidarity (like the ronin and peasants in 7 samurai) or thankless/ brutal acts of self-sacrifice (as in red beard or kiku in 7 samurai). This, however, is brutal for brutal’s sake, and that’s not enough. This kind of fatalism is symptomatic of the half-assed post-modernist project. It’s “critique” (if we can call it that) without solution. Even its narrative is SUPER fragmented because they don’t know which way to go. I’ll recommend this to people because the discussion of it is INFINITELY better than the anime itself.

    Also… this is not realistic. Y’all stop saying that! A blind swordsman who kills the best of the best? A swordsman who can stop flint guns (which shot balls of metal in fairly random paths since the barrels were not machined to spiral bullets in a straight trajectory)? What’s next? Blind snipers? Mute singers?

  13. Ken

    I agree the series was very “artistic” and beautiful, but I also agree the characters were not likeable, there was no hero, and there was no positive alternative presented to this massive critique of samurai culture. The ending was simply crap and left us all hanging, after investing 6 hours in watching it. Basically, the flashbacks got lost in the past and never looped us back to the beginning, the duel between the two. Of course, one of the messages could have been it doesn’t matter who won the duel; what matters is that these two men ruined their lives pursuing ambition, violence, and death…instead of what brings happiness…such as the love of Mie…which they both denied. This series left me feeling empty…and even though it was beautiful to watch, it was essentially just another “airhead” whom I’d rather let move on and forget about it. I wouldn’t recommend it.

  14. Wu

    Ninja Scroll (movie and series) beats this by millions of miles

  15. lab.trophy

    1 disfiguered characters manage to achieve an outstanding goal is quite outstanding
    seems more fascinating then normal people
    2 this open end is like reading between the pictures of comics.
    a vage foreboding leaves it to your imagination.

  16. CaptainKazu

    The thing that I found engaging about Death Frenzy is probably what turned most people off from it. This anime is based on a classic Japanese novel (albeit only the first chapter), and is very stylistic. It draws a lot from classical Japanese theater, the soundtrack and art style during the action sequence pull heavily from the high-intensity Kabuki performances.
    The characters are very engaging, because the anime strips away all the romance of what Samurai really were. Feudal Japan was a *very* barbaric place, and Death Frenzy captures that perfectly. Read through classics like ‘The Ronin’ and ‘Musashi’, even the *real* ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ gives a pretty good view of how sadistic and unbalanced this culture was. Death Frenzy strips away all the romanticism, even for the Japanese, and forces you to face the reality that a swordcut is a disgusting way to die (guts, blood, dismemberment) and that there’s a thin line between adhering to Bushido and being a murderous sociopath.

  17. X-men

    Irako for the win!

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