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Carene Tells Me About Black Friday Figures

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23 responses to “Carene Tells Me About Black Friday Figures”

  1. Dual

    Awesome photography skills as always. How did you make the ribbon float around her like that?

  2. Adun

    Great pictures as always. I know what you mean by figure backlog. I’m in that exact position. Though I guess the difference is that you take time to do your’s correctly, I try to do it all in one day, lol.

    Oh and congrats on being accepted on AnimeNano.

  3. JB

    Great photography, really liked the tutorial on your site. You probably get asked this a lot and I have looked all over this site and not found the answer…. what type of camera do you like to use? I am looking at purchasing my first digital camera (I use to have a Minolta Maxxum 35MM with all the gadgets many years ago, but now looking at SD point and shoot Canon models).


  4. Tsubaki

    Firstly, let me congrats you on your entry to animenano!

    And I love that ribbon effect in this shoot. Damn, you’re constantly raising the bar, I’ve got to find new to things to beat you to! Hahaha.

  5. waffencmd

    Where’s the EXIF…?

  6. hub_00

    Wow, I thought this PVC was kind of drab when I first saw it but your photo skills really helped put it in a new light (er, no pun intended). Black Friday was very kind to me because my Bro. gave me an early X-mas present: a new Digimax S700 from Samsung. ^_^ The thing absolutely rocks, and I”ll *finally* be able to take some good looking pics of my own figures. T_T So what do you plan for your next photoshoot?

  7. JB

    Thanks for the info super rats. I’ve checked out the Panasonic’s but I have been looking at getting either the Canon SD700 or Canon S3 (both around my price range). I like the smaller body style of the SD700, but the S3 has 12x and also it uses AA batteries (as well as rechargeable) witch might be an advantage. But I am not savvy with what all of the features are. If you have any advice between the two or another Canon model, I would appreciate it.

  8. hub_00

    Missed the last part of your write-up the first time around, but I think it would be a cool idea to add a section about the shows you like to watch every year. For the past three years now I’ve watched Banner of the Stars (first series) and Vandread (seasons 1&2) every Spring, usually between the middle of Jan. and the middle of Feb. I never get tired of watching the former while the latter is just a guilty pleasure of mine.

  9. LianYL


  10. JB

    super rats, thanks….yes it will be a tough decision between the two. I going to take another look at them at my local store soon…. then order one online.

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  12. tj han

    This is rather nice. I like the cloth, damn you’re good.

  13. anacel

    hi super rats,
    I’m personally making a wiki for figures and come by your site.(aka I won’t make money from it)
    I have taken your photo as description for this figure, which can be found below. Hope you won’t mind.

    Figure Wiki
    Link edited for display purposes

  14. Patricia

    I think it’s nice. Quite an amusing anime! Clear-cut lines and bright colors. Professioanl execution.

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  16. 

    excellent post, i surely love this site, continue on it.

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